Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Fall 2017 Semester ART Show

Superintendent Mark Miller visited our Semester Art Show again, spending a long time looking at each piece of student work.  He was especially impressed with the skills of his student docent, Ayah Fraley. Cameron Santiago also received compliments as a docent when he showed Ms. Peterson’s parents around the drawing room. They just returned to Juneau from New Zealand, and when they saw Marlena Romanoff’s wall-hanging in the Common’s display, they said, “She really captured the energy of a true tekoteko!”

A student visitor with a personal interest in Polynesian culture, was excited to interpret all the accurate symbols the tekoteko block-prints for his class of middle-school peers from the Charter School. We also received a class of 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders from Montessori.  They were excited about Sadie Tuckwood’s Donut with Goldfish, and awed by the realistic still-lifes. They also had fun trying to do their own Op-Art on the white-board before they left.

We even had a guest from Anchorage visit! He was in town purchasing original artwork by famous Alaskan artists, Sydney Laurence, and Fred Machetanz! He unpacked his new purchases for our 3rd hour class to admire. The anonymous art collector said he could see some pop influences in our students’ artwork and enjoyed the strong negative-space drawings.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Strategies for Successful Drawing from Observation

Block Out or "Zoom In"

Its easy to get overwhelmed by too much information; especially when what we're drawing is as "familiar" as the parts of a human face - We get so caught up in making sure the "eye" looks like a "real human eye" we forget it's just lines and values on a piece of paper! 

Gridding is one way we can break up the information, and even forget what we're drawing, so we can more accurately record those lines, darks and lights as we really see them with our eye, not our brain. Students in both Drawing 1 classes were issued a grid-segment from this drawing.

Twenty-four different students copied one or more grid-pieces and assembled them over a class period. As the last piece was set into place, they finally got to SEE what it was they were drawing.  Because they didn't know what the subject was, they were free to pay closer attention to the subtle differences in value, curve, and angle.

Better real-life accuracy was achieved specifically because we weren't trying to draw a face.
Period 2

Period 5

Friday, April 28, 2017

Art Fest in Petersburg, 2017

Artfest this year happened in Petersburg from April 19-23!
JDHS sent a team of 8 students, Summer Putman, Capri Potter, Riley Stadt, Lily Deitz, Ericka Nebert, Cody Wilson, Grace Walli, and Mari Bell.

Here's some of the artwork we took to represent our Art Program in the Brought form Home category:

And, Here's some of the things we made at Artfest!!

Here's Ericka after recieving one of her best of workshop awards:

Here are some of the instructors:

Ms. Ridgway taught a leather mask making workshop, and here are some things her Artfest students made. Recognize these TM students?

Everyone in Petrsburg wa SO kind! We lucked out and got housed together at this amazing spot -

Surreal sketches by Drawing 1 students

Ana Vakauta

Jade Lott

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Our All-State Art competition contributions

WOW! This is always the toughest decision. Sometimes, even after all the photography, artists' statements, determining what will represent best in which category, Ridgway is still flummoxed by the judges final decisions. But this Art Show gives good feedback, and its great to have your work published on such a noteworthy site for a year! Check out this slideshow to see what was in the running this year...