Friday, September 26, 2014

Ceramics 1

Beyond making mud-patties as toddlers, clay is an unfamiliar medium for most of us.
Mastering construction in clay, safely and effectively, requires sometimes counter intuitive training and practice! Because of the complicated materials management, advanced ceramics students stack well with beginning ceramics - They model techniques and practices, and can use refreshers when it comes to transitioning from slab work to wheel work, to kiln knowledge and glaze chemistry, etc...

No matter what kind of clay-work you're engaged in, the 2 most challenging things to manage are hydration, and mess.  Ms Ridgway is pretty relaxed about messes, but we can't afford a relaxed attitude about the dust produced by dry, unfired clay.  breathing clay dust is hazardous and can lead to  Silicosis (previously miner's phthisisgrinder's asthmapotter's rot and other occupation-related names). 

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