Thursday, November 6, 2014

Animal Spirit Skulls

While challenging our imagination with metaphors, we exercise visualization skills. Students imagine how a specific animal's survival behavior might represent human strengths & weaknesses.  Then, they merge the animal with a human skull in a way that could comment, metaphorically, on their own character development. Working with the human skull helps draw better faces and heads in later figure drawing, and imagining the physical merge forces students to envision how the shadows and highlights might work together to look realistic - A strong feat of imagination supported by personal experience from observing light and shadows in our recent still-life focus. Thank you Sensei David Isamu Tamori, of Advance Placement Studio Art training in California for this great lesson idea!
And, thank you Gary Buffolo Horn and Sherry Firedancer of Dancing Otter Publications for your inspiring work.
Abby McDermott's Antelope Engery

Alex Johnson's Butterfly Medicine

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