Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Art Club threw a Pugmill Party as a fundraiser!


We did it!
 Thanks to the amazing generosity of Juneau businesses and artists, JDHS Art Club made our fund-raising goal for buying a new pugmill!

 The last 3 months of preparation was a bold and ambitious endeavor. Every student member found a way to step-up and make a meaningful contribution, despite shyness, busy academic schedules, and other demanding activities. As their advisor, I am overjoyed with pride in my team, and appreciation for my community.

The owners and staff at Salt Modern Alaskan Cuisine donated their time, personal skills, and resources to host and advertise the party, as well as provide a most intriguing centerpiece, the 13-foot long Aaron Elmore mural. We received over 20 bids for the Hommage to Boticelli's Primavera." The winner, local performing artist Patricia Hull, was a great supporter in her bidding for this painting. Further support was enjoyed installing the Primavera in it’s new home the very next day.

Goldstein Building Management donated a month of display space to promote community awareness and participation. More than 40 local supporters purchased party tickets and attended. This would not have been possible if Annie Kaill’s Gallery, Alaska Robotics, and UAS Ceramics hadn’t agreed to sell bids and tickets for us.

The Pugmill Party celebration danced to a talented band of professional musicians who all donated their time to the affair: Bob Banghart, Sergei Morosan, Andrew Heist, and Jeremy Kane. Collette Costa made bidding and art-swapping loads of fun as our volunteer auctioneer and MC.

Throughout the evening, Art Club students enjoyed drawing patrons who would sit for them, and giving away their work. Generous donations by local artists Jim Fowler, Jay Crondahl, Rob Roys, Elise Tomlinson, Joyce Payne, David Woodie, Clarissa Rizal, Arnie Weimer, MK McNaughton, Amy O’Neill Houck, Pat Race, Sara Chatfield, Julie Crabtree, Travis Smith, Floyd Dryden artists, JDHS Art Club artists, plus donations from Terry and Roger Shattuck, the Rie Muñoz Gallery, and Perseverance Theatre, made it possible for us to provide genuine artwork for everyone to take home, along with a student made parting ceramics gift. 

Thanks to all these generous efforts and donations, the JDHS Art Program will receive a new piece of equipment to help sustain safe, effective Ceramics classes for years to come, an expense that would otherwise be impossible.

                            Thank you, Juneau!
                            Thank you JDHS Art Club!

AND - In case you were wondering what a pugmill is, and why we might need one,
here is our illustration from our program:

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  1. It sounds great that Art Club threw a Pugmill Party as a fundraiser! It was quite interesting. I am glad that it was a successful show. At the event space San Francisco we are also going to attend a fundraiser event. I am so excited!!