Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fascinating DONATION to JDHS Ceramics Program - Thank you, Anita Statter!

Thank you Mrs. Anita Statter, previously keeper of the Juneau Pottery Club, for donating your amazing collection of local slips and clays! Thank you also to JDHS Football team's "Chore Busters" for aiding in the labor intensive exchange!

Mrs. Statter was kind enough to donate a wheel and a kiln, as well as an enormous supply of kiln furniture and clay modeling tools. But, by far the most fascinating donations are the many jars, cans, and buckets, carefully labeled with the contents in percentage recipes, and complete with test-tiles at different firing temperatures.

If there is a UAS Ceramaics student, a geologist, or a local ceramics enthusiast out there who would like to help us organize and preserve this local treasure, PLEASE contact Ms. Ridgway - I see a grant, or a most interesting summer project ahead!

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