Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Elements and Principles of Design

We refer to this vocabulary often in all my classes - especially as we try to support our opinions and interpretations with objective evidence while analyzing our own work, and the work of others.
This is an excellent poster illustrating some of the main elements and principles of art:


  1. I would like to ask permission to share this very concise Elements and Principles of Art with Iowa 4-H'ers who are enrolled in Visual Arts 4-H Project Area to help them understand and identify the Elements and Principles as they prepare for exhibiting their Visual Art 4-H Projects at County Fairs. This would be about 4500 youth and many adults working with the youth and 200 4-H County Fair Judges. Would you grant permission for us to use this resource and share via the web to 4-H Members and Adults. Do you have a specific attribution you would like us to place on this resource piece as we share with your permission to give credit to the source?

  2. HI, I'm in California and would like to use this image as a reference. Whom shall I credit?

  3. HI, I'm in California and would like to use this image as a reference. Whom shall I credit?

  4. Hello - And thank you for asking for permission! Sorry for the delay in my response - I thought I replied via e-mail over the summer, but I guess blog-comments come in as "no-reply." this is what I wrote:

    Intellectual property right are so sticky, and the number one issue of respect is to ask! I am usually granted permission by doing so, and wish I could pass along the favor, but alas -

    I do not know if I am breaking any laws by posting it on my website as a resource for my students, but I do know I am in no position to grant permissions. I received this as a poster from the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District's Art Program during a workshop in 2005. They designed and produced it with the Project ARTiculate grant and my school district was selected to participate in the dissemination part of the grant. I did ask if I might reproduce it for my students years ago and was informed the grant specifies the materials are not free for further distribution.

    I imagine if you wrote to them, they might send you one for display in your 4H club room! Or, you could just have your students reference their site (as I should probably do):

    Lots of wonderful references and resources there. Perhaps we should both resort to a link to their site!
    Good luck!