Monday, February 2, 2015

What fun we had with the Juneau Preschool Co-Op!

Thank you Mrs. Evelyn Bass, Ms. Angela Good, and Ms. Shannon Seifert of Juneau Co-Op Preschool for sharing your fundraiser with us!  And here's to all the great folks who showed up to make leather Mardi-gras masks with us at the Rockwell Saturday night (1/18/15). Their $35 covered leather and the use of the tools, and supported future Co-Op and Art Club activities.  JDHS students helped plan and prepare by doing a run-through in December. They provided their examples and Jade and her sister showed up to set-up materials and help clean-up. Mrs. Ridgway had a blast teaching this fun art-form to so many creative community memebers, and the Rockwell took orders and money for deliscious food and beverages as we worked.
We didn't have time to embellish, but everyone went home with  a custom-fit, custom designed mask they can wear in comfort and confidence for any upcoming masquerade holiday, ready to paint at home.

We were so lucky to have expert photographer John Hutchins making masks with us, and snappping beautiful black and white photos!

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