Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Maddy Handley's Independent Study of Tlingit Style

    I drew Tlingit Raven head designs by three different artists and compared their individual styles. The top design is by Jim Marks. The eye shape in his design is different from the other two artists', and his Raven has a closed beak. The middle head, by Wanda Culp of Hoonah, is much more elongated and has a smaller eye. It also lacks a nostril. On the bottom is a Raven head by Ross Nannauck III. Nannauck used trigons in the beak and ear of his Raven to split his U forms. All three designs are built from the shapes that make up Tlingit and Northwest Coast art, such as ovoids, U forms, and trigons. Notice the large ovoid around the eye in each head, outlined in pink. This style study helped me learn to identify patterns and differences in Tlingit style art.

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