Monday, March 30, 2015

Our Pugmill in action!!

Vacuum seal was a bit fussy at first, but we wiggled the hose and got her up and running today!!!
HURRAY for reclaiming clay and cutting down on the mess of drying out slake!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Art Club's entry for Trashin' Fashion Spring 2015 - CANCELLED

Even the best of us are restricted in what we can do by time, space and entropy.
Mr. Dukes and his Alaska Youth for Environmental Awaresness club had hope that by teaming up with Art Club we could host this Spring's big annual AYEA fund-raiser, Trashing Fashion. This event calls for wearable designs made from used and recycled material - If it would otherwise have gone into the landfill, it can become part of the outfit! The freshly acquired items allowed to go into the work are adhesives, fasteners, paint, and no more than one trash bag.  It's a great challenge, and always brings out the best in resourceful, creative JDHS artists!  

Unfortunately, as the date we set drew near, it became apparent not enough people were able to fully commit to all the organizational and staging skills required to put on this big event, so, it was cancelled.
BUT, some clever Art Club students DID pull this lovely dress together in time for the 
School Pep Assembly last Wednesday! 

Hal Turman started it by fan-folding and hot glueing some of the beautiful translucent blue vellum together into a skirt. This paper was donated to our Art Program by local architects and engineers, since everyone works digitally now. It's good for some things, but regular drawing paper is better for most of the projects we do in Ridgway's classes.  Jade Ruiz, Vicky Perez, Laurie Balstad, Raven Ward, and other Art Club students picked up the cause to see it completed! What good fortune that a local gift shop manager stopped by on his way to the dump with a couple of boxes of Chritmas ornaments they couldn't sell or store! glittery white poinsettas added that perfect sparkly touch.  Thank you Katie Baccman for modeling it for us - We used it to draw awareness and support for our Art Fest team headed to compete in Wragnell this Spring! 

Awesome local LOGO contest opportunity!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring Art Show at Coppa for April!

Celebrate with us at First Friday, April 3, the opening of our show at Coppa on 12th and Glacier Highway, across from the Federal Building. Most of the best student works created through the JDHS Art Program from August to March will be up for the viewing.  Ultimately, Ridgway could only choose 5 from this impressive selection. Come see just how difficult these choices were!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Our All-State Art Competition considerations....

...THIS is one of the toughest things Ms. Ridgway does all year. How can she select from all of the amazing creations she sees from all the wonderful JDHS Art students from August to March? Every Alaskan school participating in the Alaska Student Activities Association is invited to submit 5 of their best student works.  It is a competition by digital submission, so a quality photograph that shows off all the best features and details must be attained. Many fine works go home with students before they are properly photographed and sometimes works must be tracked down after they've been sold! There are rules about photograph formatting, backgrounds, and size references... Before the students' works can be submitted, they must pass the ASAA criteria for JDHS Student activities participation, which includes the Play for Keeps video and parent-signed TADD form, "good grades" ('C' avg, not failing any of at least 4 (Srs.) or 5 (underclassmen) courses enrolled with JDHS), and parent permission to publish the students' work.

She's taken the following photos of over 30 works in consideration - 
They are all worthy of recognition! Enjoy!