Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Maddy Handley's Independent Study of Tlingit Style

    I drew Tlingit Raven head designs by three different artists and compared their individual styles. The top design is by Jim Marks. The eye shape in his design is different from the other two artists', and his Raven has a closed beak. The middle head, by Wanda Culp of Hoonah, is much more elongated and has a smaller eye. It also lacks a nostril. On the bottom is a Raven head by Ross Nannauck III. Nannauck used trigons in the beak and ear of his Raven to split his U forms. All three designs are built from the shapes that make up Tlingit and Northwest Coast art, such as ovoids, U forms, and trigons. Notice the large ovoid around the eye in each head, outlined in pink. This style study helped me learn to identify patterns and differences in Tlingit style art.

Monday, October 5, 2015

MORE awesome Community Link Opportunities!

We were SO fortunate to have Toy Woollcott and Kean Soo in our 6th Hr DigitalArt Class last Wednesday! Thank you Alaska Robotics!

We met in the Drawing room and watched on the projector as Kean showed us his WORKFLOW.
Workflow is a series of procedures an artist employs, from conceptualizing and visualizing, through image building, to finished work, ready to submit for commercial publishing!

Kean Soo is the artist behind the children's books about Jellaby, a shy monster discovered and befriended by a little girl.  We got to see Kean work in a program sort of like Photoshop, called Manga Studio. He started with a base layer, where he sketched out the basic shape and form of his character, Jellaby. Then he started another layer and traced over the first one in black. He could turn the layers on and off so we could see them together - overlapping - or separate.  Then he created a 3rd layer that he added the colors to, and a 4th layer that was the shadows. He is usually a "paper" person - He likes to start his characters with pencil on paper and scan them first. Once he has a scanned hand-drawing, he puts them into Photoshop, or Manga studios and finishes them there.

Tory Woollcott was very excited that Manga Studios is currently on sale for $15 - REALLY?! WHAT!?  Even Ms. Ridgway got excited and said she'd buy it for her school Tablet so we could all try it out. Tory shared her workflow with us as well. She doesn't consider herself a visual artist, but a story teller. She likes to use pictures to tell stories because she has trouble spelling, and stuff.  She has learned to use technology to help her with her  story telling. She does all her image making digitally, from the very beginning, and she likes to work with a pen-tablet. She has a mini Wacom Bamboo she carries with her everywhere she takes her laptop, and she has a big Cintiq in her studio at home.  When she wants an interior in perspective, she builds in in Google Sketchup, then imports a screenshot into Adobe Illustrator and traces it with the bezier pen tool!

Many of us sketched on paper as the artists talked and shared. Ms. Ridgway took those sketches and scanned them, so we can work on them later on the computer, just like Kean Soo!
Check out their work, here:

Tory Woollcott at


Kean Soo at 

Some of us went to Alaska Robotics and saw Tory and Kean's work on display there. If you spent 2.5 hours checking out First Friday this October 2nd, you can send images, or a short e-mail describing what you saw, your favorite arists, some of the galleries you went to, the price of local art in Juneau, etc... and she'll credit you for your Community Link homework.

Here are some other Community Link opportunities in our town:

Subsistence Student Art Contest

Entries must be postmarked by December 1, 2015.

The official rules and entry forms are available by contacting the Office of Subsistence Management both by phone (800) 478-1456 and by email at or by visiting           

New Library needs Teen Art

Bring your Library ideas to Ridgway and she'll help you digitally prepare them so you can print them  as posters at Capitol Copy or Copy Express and submit them to the Library!

Local Heroine Awareness and Prevention Movement

Since February this year, 5 young people have died of heroine overdose in Juneau. 
Local grassroots organizations want student artwork to help promote awareness and prevention. Here's one logo currently in use. Can you create something influential to this cause? Share it with Ms. Ridgway and she will get it to the local organizations that need it.