Tuesday, January 5, 2016

JDHS Student Winter Art Show 2015 is this Friday & Monday, January 8th & 11th, 2016!

Our current Art classes have completed their Fall Semester. We're celebrating by having a public Art Show for our FINAL EXAM - Please come celebrate with us! 27 Ceramics students, 22 Digital Art Students, 20 Beginning Drawing and 17 Advanced Drawing students are hard at work cleaning and arranging the JDHS Art rooms with their 5 favorite artworks for your viewing pleasure. That's over 400 artworks to view! Zip by after work on Friday, or spend all day Monday. Just remember to stop by and pick-up a visitors' pass from the office.  

Our commons display will feature surreal scenes in linear perspective, textured slab animal masks, and the best of our Digital Art portfolios. Walk back to the classrooms on the second floor 
(room 233 and 235) to see the rest of our best work from this year and have a snack!
This poster was designed by Digital Art student Maddie Johnson!

Advanced Drawing students have been invited to show at the Canvas Gallery, downtown during their business hours, opening Friday at 4PM, and coming down Monday night.

Ridgway is very proud of all these students have accomplished this year, 
and we all hope you can come celebrate with us.

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