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What an incredible opportunity!!

Looks like a GREAT way to earn Community Link Credit!
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All-State Considerations

All-State Considerations 2016: 
If you had to pick only 5... 
Which would YOU choose?
Katrina Buchanan

Katrina Buchanan
Laurie Balstad

Chris Jim
Toma Kimlinger

Evan Rodrigues

Evan Rodrigues

Katrina Buchanan

Katrina Buchanan

Skye VanValin

Skye VanValin

Wenshi Fraser

Wenshi Fraser

Brittany King

Katrina Buchanan

Katrina Buchanan

Hal Turman

Art Fest 2016

Art Fest 2016 Skagway:

Juneau-Douglas High School sent 7 exceptional student artists to the annual Region V Art Fest, April 7-11. Katie Buchanan, Toma Kimlinger, Summer Putman, Meg Kurland, Skye VanValin, Ryan Moritz, and Brianna Frisby represented JDHS soundly, taking many awards at this competitive Visual Arts event:

Best of Workshop Awards went to Katie Buchanan for her Bentwood Box, and for her Peacock Yeti soft sculpture in the Mythical Creatures workshop; Summer Putman for her Mother’s Day Calligraphy; Meg Kurland for her Paper-Clay Sculpture Elephant in the Room
Honorable Workshop Mentions went to Ryan Moritz for Landscape Painting, Summer Putnam for Alder Spoon Carving, Brianna Frisby for beading and Seagrass Weaving, and Toma Kimlinger for taking full advantage of the Stained Glass class.

All Workshop Awards are issued by the workshop instructors, but the felting teacher was too overwhelmed with all the fine work in her class to identify awards - Come see Skye’s Wizard hat and Toma’s slippers and bag in the JDHS Common’s display along with all the excellent work our students created in 30 hours studio time over 4 days! To see all the courses offered in Skagway, go to

Workshops culminate in a big group show, hosted at Kirmse’s Gallery this year, where all Art Fest work competes:

Ryan Moritz won first place of all artwork Region V students’ Brought From Home with his Blue Bear chalk pastel on suede board.  

People’s Choice Award went to Meg Kurland for an amazingly smooth Bentwood Box with Northwest Coast jellyfish design painted in acrylics.

The prestigious Kirk Garbisch Award for excellence and creativity went to Skye VanValin for her Paper-Clay Sculpture of a goat of considerable character! Kirk Garbisch was the founder of ArtFest, as the Wrangell Art teacher in 1997.

Best of Overall Student Artwork at the show went to Wrangell sophomore Zeqe Gillan for a detailed Northwest Coast Wolf design on a finely carved alderwood spoon.

All Art Fest participants worked hard and did their best to make Skagway glad they hosted, and the community of Skagway impressed all with their generosity and thoughtful planning. Donna Griffard, a Skagway Art Fest coordinator, received the Rick Mills Spirit of Artfest Award for all her hard work. Next year’s Art Fest is scheduled for Petersburg, and 2018 is scheduled for Craig. Juneau Art Club students must work hard all year to fund their own travel and registration fees, not to mention producing fine artwork worthy of Region V competition.

If you’d like to help host Art Fest in Juneau, 2019, by teaching a workshop, organizing the event, or housing visiting students and instructors, please contact the JDHS Art Teacher at heather.ridgway@juneau

Summer Putman's finished and painted Alder Carved Spoon
 made in Jon Rowan's Workshop

Katie's Peacock Yeti and Toma's stained glass feather

Ryan sanding his spoon, once it was carved into shape

Our Team on the ferry home from Skagway
(Back, rt-to-lft: chaperone and ArtFest alumnus Sydney Reese, student Meg Kurland, teacher Heather Ridgway, students Summer Putman, Skye VanValin and Brianna Frisby
Front, rt-to-lft: students Ryan Moritz, Katie Buchanan, and Toma Kimlinger)

Abbey Hardie, sophomore from Petersburg: She and Ridgway had both Workshops together! Ridgway taught her reduction lino-block printing in oils, and here, Abbey is helping Ridgway get caught up in the Ravenstail workshop taught by Carol Pate of Yakutat.

Speaking of Yakutat, it's not fair for Ridgway to mention Abbey without mentioning THIS
Yakutat Artiste Extraordinaire, and winner of Ridgway's Workshop award, Kayla Drumm:
(Everything happened so fast, Ridgway called Kayla "Abbey" a dozen times,
and somehow got home without a good photo or a copy of a Kayla Drumm print!)

...and, finally, Ms. Ridgway sold her slab-construction ceramic Red Panda Mask to Broadway Bites Coffee Shop at the Silent Auction fundraiser for $50!
Go visit it at their new candy store in Skagway this summer:)

Art Fest 2016 Skagway: Brought From Home

Katrina Buchanan

Skye Van Valin

Seb Kurland

Ryan Moritiz
RYAN won First Place in this category from all of Region V!!

Summer Putman

Toma Kimlinger

If you want to know more about Artfest in general, 
watch this 5 minute video: 
(...that stops very abruptly - sorry!)

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